Future Advantage


General Overview:

Future Advantage is highly specialized in four specific practice areas:

  • Sales Performance Management (SPM) also called Incentive Compensation Managment (ICM)
  • Technology Business Management (TBM) also called IT Financial Management (ITFM)
  • SaaS / Cloud Start-up advisory / investment 
  • Software Company conversions to SaaS

Sales Performance Management (SPM) / Incentive Compensation Management (ICM)

Future Advantage offers several highly specialized services under fixed fee (FF) or time and material (T&M) programs in the now maturing SPM / ICM solutions niche.

  • Incentive Compensation Program Design - initial program or annual updates / changes 
  • SPM / ICM Solution Selection - help pick the "best fit" solution from Excel to CallidusCloud, Varicent, Xactly, others
  • SPM / ICM system integration / implementation services - we work with all of the major solutions and Excel too.
  • SPM / ICM administration / update technical services - just need to make a few updates, we can help

Technology Business Management (TBM) / IT Financial Management (ITFM)

Future Advantage offers specialized services to CIO's, CFO's and their staffs in the new and growing field of TBM. The term "TBM", originally introduced by Apptio in 2009, is sometimes called ITFM by IT and/or finance professionals.  TBM seeks to combine the disciplines of IT Service Costing along with traditional operational and financial management to produce a means by which IT departments of large and mid-sized companies can be managed as a services business that competes with outside vendors (SaaS / Cloud providers) to provide the highest quality and best priced IT services to the enterprise. There are many steps in the journey for enterprise's conversion to TBM disciplines and Future Advantage can help with a variety of services related to Apptio technology or in more general terms.

  • TBM program design / start-up
  • TBM Solution Selection
  • TBM Implementation services
  • TBM program administration services

SaaS / Cloud Advisory & Solution Start-up Services

Future Advantage founders and senior partners have founded or assisted with multiple successful SaaS / Cloud start-ups for companies providing B2B solutions to worldwide enterprise class (F2000) type companies in the areas noted above as well as solutions in the CRM, legal, and regulatory / compliance arenas.  We have worked with public, private and VC funded companies to provide business practice and technical expertise - as well as investments and advice to potential investors.

Investors / Angels: 

  • Do you want experienced insight into a potential investment in a SaaS / Cloud Start-up?
  • Are you in need of experienced management to guide or assist a founder on a project or ongoing basis?
  • Are you looking for partners to co-invest and/or assist with sweat equity?

Founders / Partners: 

  • Could you use experienced insight into the sales, marketing, contracting, financial tracking, technical solution development or product management disciplines of your solution?  
  • Do you want to avoid mistakes in areas outside of your personal expertise and maximize your company valuation?
  • Are you looking for partners to invest and/or experienced execs to assist in areas outside of your expertise with sweat equity?

Executives / Board Members of Traditional / Perpetually Licensed On-Premise Software Companies:

  • Are you losing deals to SaaS / Cloud competitors?
  • Need to convert to SaaS or develop a Cloud based offering?
  • Do you want to enjoy the higher valuations associated with successful SaaS / Cloud offerings?

Future Advantage founding partners can help with these strategically important and vexing questions.  Click over to our contact page and schedule a call to get your initial questions answered and see if Future Advantage is a match for your company and your issue(s).